The energy at Atlanta United games is incredible! | Heramb Family Website

I think this little 0:36 second trailer does a good job of really showing you how much energy is in the stadium ready to explode! It’s exciting to be around, and you can really feel it when fans are chanting in the stands… in the streets surrounding the stadium… in the line at the concession stands… in the bathrooms… in the rain… whether we win or lose. The players feel it too. It also shows just how fast the action is, and how close you are to it.

Although that may just be how we feel because we…

  • high-fived the team on their walk in almost 2 hours before game time,
  • after practicing our chants in the tunnel under I-75/85.
  • Then we won a towel outside the gate at the AT&T blow-up soccer shoot-out
  • and we got asked to participate in the AT&T crossbar challenge at halftime.
  • Then we raced into the stadium to get first row seats behind the goal.
  • Then we held it in the whole game so someone didn’t steal our seats.
  • Then I watched as my laughing 7 year old son was passed around by surrounding fans after each goal because he didn’t think we’d score more than 1!
  • Then we gave our team a standing ovation.
  • And said goodbye to friends new and old
  • as we marched through the tunnel once again.
  • Then we slept all the way home…
  • and got carried to bed.
  • (and watched the replay the next morning to see how many times we were on TV!)